One side injenction order on stay order against opponent party.

Dear sir, This is Shri Madan Lal sharma From Kantabanji,Dist-Bolangir,Odisha.My Query is that,My father occupied one Govt Land since 1948,in kantabanji the area ocuupied by him is 0.54 decimal,when in 1995 my father construct on such land with me & 2 others my brother , one private party file a suit that it is private property belongs to him but the fact that encroachment case was book on my father name & later the private party give up the case and the suit got dismissed. on 1995 me & my all brother & my father agree on court that this is the government property and we all are living on such property by mutual consent ,but later on when my father died in 2004,we all brother make 0.18 decimal encroachment on our separate name, and the encroachment case was book by the government on 2005,but later on in 2006 my younger brother make a bricks wall on front door of my godown ,i file suit against my brother on sub judge court on 2006 where he claim that i & my father never live at our home town,but the fact is that he had been agreed in year 1995 that we all 3 brother & my father live on such land, but in the year 2012 the suit gone be dissmissed on ground that the odisha necessery party,Now my case is continue in ADJ court and the status quo order levid by the court,now here i want one side injection or get the inside order on my land on the ground that we all are agree on 1995's case & we have our separate encroachment case . Is it Possible ?