Property and criminal matter....please advice

Hi everyone please advice me in my property matter i am widow mother of 3 children living in a joint family..i dont want to sell my house as i have attached so many feelings and its only shelter for my kids but my husband brothers are pressuring of my husband brother is lawyer.and taking help of police and police had called me in a police station and threatened as i felt so help writing less at that time and they have taken mine and children signature in a station on a paper with that we are selling our part to my husband brother and he has giving 4 banker check of 20,000 for all of us with 20,000 cash as bayana. i did cry many days and thought to do fight and met a lawyer...he is saying that its banker check so he can't do any thing...but i said i am not selling my property with willingly...laywer has given further advice to say that you don't have check and then he will fight case..which is question is what could be consequences if i am saying fact..can it go into my opponent favour..i have not withdraw any money..poilce is saying they did not do anything...i will appreciate if you advice...thanks regards neha