Notice under Section 4(1) of the Land Acquisition Act 1894

Sir, Was it mandated for the Land Acquisition Collector to serve personal Notice upon the registered Landowners in an area where the Notification under Section 4(1) of the Land Acquisition Act 1894 was issued so that to awaken them of their right to file personal objections to the Land Acquisition for a Public Purpose qua their pieces of individually owned land? If it was not then what was the legally acceptable method of informing the Land Owners who were not the residents / inhabitants/ had no relations nor any one was staying on their piece of Land in the area where Land Acquisition process was initiated and objections required to be filed within 30 days? What would be the legal position qua my individually owned piece of Land when I could not file objections on not being informed/ nor intimated being in Central Govt Service far away from the locality where my piece of Land was situated; if the objections were filed by the Secretary of the House Building Society ( a society which had never purchased the land , nor owned the Land and was voluntarily comprised of individual title plot owners with a tentative lay out plan ) and such a Secretary was given the hearing by the Land Acquisition Collector and as a result thereof Land had recommended that "an officers colony is being developed", "filed jointly for release of land" and under Section 5A had made report that the land be exempted from inclusion in Section 6 declaration? In the said Report of the Land Acquisition Collector the khasra number was mentioned in which my piece of land was situated. The Land Acquisition Collector who prepared the Report was transferred and the Joint Site Inspection Committee with the Successor Land Acquisition Collector undid the recommendations of the transferred out Land Acquisition Collector. The State Government while considering the Reports of the Land Acquisition Collector and that of the Joint Site Inspection Committee chose to accept the Report of the Land Acquisition Collector by which my piece of Land along with that of others in the Society should have been excluded from declaration under Section 6. But it was not done. And could now the Respondents State, Development Authority and Town Planning all say by an affidavit filed by the Land Acquisition Collector on my filing writ Petition , on my representation to the state to release my land , that since I had not file objections I could not challenge the same? Kindly advise. With Regards, Dr SM