1. Children not allowed to.play

My child is 9 years old. We stay in a small society in Mumbai with only 25 flats. In an general meeting of society 15 yrs back they passed a rule that children cannot play cricket and football. That time also there were very few children in society. When we spoke to secretary who has just been newly selected she said im following the rules. She also came and abused me.outside my house but now she says she hasnt. My question is can children be banned to play in the society? My second question is: 2. I have a big neighbouring society where my child goes and plays . His friend tried to enter our building but the secretary just stopped the kid from entering the building only. She again cited the same reason of the rule being passed that kids from neighbouring society cannot enter the society premises. Is this allowed under law to ban children from entering another neighbourhood? She just didnt let him even keep a step inside premises. Pls need urgent help. Pls advice on how to go about this matter