After 8 months company is saying - my engineer ID is rejected

Hello , I was appointed as a customer support engineer in a distributor company. They have given me offer letter and monthly salary. The process is that - the selected candidate profile has to be made approved my their principle company. As, per rule the dealer sent all the details to the principle on 29.07.2015.The principle site first showing my profile status as - "pending at Mrs.xxxxxx". But after 27.02.2016 they are telling my candidature is rejected. Reason- "the candidate is not interviewed by us or we have not been informed at all."My question is - 1) Why they wasted 8 long months to tell about the rejection. 2) If they have told within a few days after seeing my C.V etc. ,I could have joined another organization by then. (I really got a chance in another company- interview was successful and offer letter was to receive that week). 3. When the dealer informed my interview and joining date to the principle company- on 29.07.2015 , (my joining date was 1st August'15),how can they say- we were not informed. 4. Where will I go ,in the midst to find a new job. 5. Can I go for legal action? How could I be compensated for such mess? Rgds, P.Roy