Non payment of pending salary and other dues

Dear Sir I was working with a company as AGM safety. One day Managing Director of my company abused me in front of very senior employees including President of the company. Due to this I left the job after tendering resignation in Sept. 2015- fulfilling notice period, doing no dues, got relieved on October 2015. The salaries were being paid after 3 months late, so I got salary of August 2015 & Part of September only till date. Full & final is also not paid along with other dues like Gratuity, Mediacal, Bonus, PLI, Travel reimbursement etc. Even PF (employer contribution - a part of our CTC and deducted from our salary has not been deposited since april 2014, Employee part was submitted after PF department gave 4-5 notice and explanation to the company. Now, since November I an continuously writing mails to my HR Head, MD, Finance head to clear my dues but I got only one response (2 months ago) from MD that "we do not have money to clear dues - there are about 300 of them") What legal action(s) are recommended