Builder has any right to own rooms in clubhouse

Dear Sir, I've seen a thread on builder owing clubhouse until all the houses are completed and association can utilize services and pay the builder the maintenance charges. The situation , in crisp, that we have in our community is: 1. Builder is the verge of exiting as all construction is complete except swimming pool. 2. its a venture of 130 villas of which 70 are occupied already. 3. Gym and clubhouse is operational and on the same structure we have 4 rooms provided on the top for people to stay when any events are booked. So now builder wants to keep one of these 4 rooms on the top for himself for ever without handing over to association, we are not keen in allowing this happen. Provisionally we may agree for him to use it when in need by paying a nominal fee just as any other resident who likes to use the facility, but not completely hand it over to builder. He appears to be bent upon having this under his control whether or not we agree. So need your expert advise on how legally strong is association in fighting against it pls. btw we do not have any such clause in by-laws or any written confirmation from association to builder on allowing him to own a room in the clubhouse. Many thanks for the advise in advance.