Encroachment in housing society

I live in an apartment complex which has an open temple structure and small deity installed, this is done in one of the garden space. however the sale deed nor initial property catalogue has no mention of any temple being provided as a facility in the complex. For sometime now a group of residents have started to perform religious events in this place causing disturbance and also there are many attempts being made to develop the temple infrastructure. On finding out how this temple came up, I was told that this was done at sole discretion of an owner who was apparently also the marketing head of same property. and this has happen during the first 2 years when the property is maintained by the builder after completion of the construction. This apartment is registered under KAOA and the managing committee is silently supporting activities and development of this place. I seek your advice to know how do i determine if this is illegal or not? if this can be termed as encroachment? and what steps can I take to seek relief if this is unauthorised?