Fake dowry complaint against my cousin

I have few queries Regarding 498a Story: 2 Girl working as reception-cum admin post married to boss (girl from poor family ) couple (girl hindu _ boy muslim)/ Boy got married in Hindu because girl dont want to be (muslim / convert in muslim and also she dont accept muslim law ) Finally got married (all things arrange by boy without intimating family about this because they wont accept this marriage according to boy so he didnt disclose After 6 month normal husband wife fight which all couples had after marraige . source of income was same both working together and running business. boy belongs too very good family background ( educated , financial good , good repo) once they had big fight and girl complain againts him in local police ( fight issue was , she doubt on husband always ) this kind of attitude made husband leave home and stay away from wife . after few months she file complaint againt husband and mother and father (498A) + harssment +voilence) boy surprised and starting giving bad to girl regarding involing his family via phone . boy family was not awar of their marriage because they both hide from boy parents . even boy did wrong with his family . when boy go home she use to dail 100 and call police. purposely . boy use to run from his home due to such attide then never turned home back she spoiled husband all business and force to leave country . boy never no about his court date notice because he was not availble in india . notice use to go in the same address where they both use to stay togther on rented flat . wife use to received the notice . she was staying in husband flat and doing business alone from husband finance support . wife you to threat him off putting behind jail if he not accept to stay with her Boy ignore finally she put prssure on DSP and issue a warrant againts 498a and declart him bhagodha . that also that boy not awar and one day entrying home country caught and put behind jail. she also showed all fake bills of jewllery and claims sstrii dhan showed the bill of 40000 and claim 1Lac for granting bail . boys father came to knw all this matter and paid cash to court and relased bail . finanly after 15 days got bail , while this case going on she put another complaint for maintanince .days gone date after 2months coming . at one court date we showed proof that she working and she running with different name . court favour in us and got next date . again before next cout she shut down the office and left the home and now showing her unemployed no source of income . one more point i like to say ( boy father also offer chance to girl for settlement if she feels that some thing went wrong with her , she not accepted and said boy father i want to put your son in jail)- Pls suggest in below querry 1. Is wife complaining dowry from in laws who not staying with her Or Dont even know regarding their marriage with her husband and their son. 2. Is only marriage life not successful so 498a case she putting on my cousin only because of love marriage 3.Is father helping his son , means putting him in this problem . 4. If girl dont have any proof , Is she has right to put continus complain . 5 boy colaps in his busniess now no source off income , who is responsble 6. if he tries to do some thing also due to monthly court dats attending pressure of travelling expenses not ble to work , who responsible 7 hardly 6months boy stayed with girl rest time his was in aborad . 1 year after she staring putting complain . till date since 5years marriage overall 8. she dont want to seprate or divoce and contously complain on boy and his family is right by law? Till now he has never complain againts his wife . because of this boy family totally distrub and under depression.\ Pls provide sugesstion for boy to handle this case Regards, Sushma