Divorce & compensation

After 3 months of marriage(2nd marriage to the man) my sister was sent back to our home, following a divorce notice in Aug 2004, saying that my sister left their home on her own. we have given a reply , stating that he him self called and asked us to take her to our home for 10-15 days and send back, so my sister is ready to come to your home. there after the case gone to family court. and 3 years we attended the case, many times the judged was not available on the hearing date, since was a common judge for two courts, in Hyderabad followed by court shifting, judge transfer so on. in 2006, they said , the original case was filed in Peddapuram -court by him and the papers were not received yet. When I had gone to Peddapuram -court and checked, they send all papers in 2005 immediately after they received the letter from Hyderabad -family court. I have submitted the dates to my lawyer . till now , they are saying the papers were missing and we can not do anything , without those papers. what I have to do, so long we are waiting and running after the court nearly 14 years. Our lawyer is saying only one thing, we can not file another case , and we have to wait till the papers come. Papers were already sent by Peddapuram court according to their records. what best I can do get compensation and divorce I am 62 years old . financial position is weak at present is weak and staying in Chennai for my sons studies. my wife is only working in private company.