Way of access for landlocked property

Hi we have a piece of Land in Danapur, Patna, area approx 11.5 kattha(15000 sqft approx) This land is divided between 4 brothers. and this piece of land is surrounded by other land Our land is not near to main road and A builder have bought all land which are small in sizes and which are surrounded by our plot. from main road which is 35-40 ft wider, there is a plot of person A(area: 4000 sqft), and then our plot is situated(area 15000 sqft) and then again there is a plot of same person A(area: 7000 sqft) on both sides perpendicular to road, there are other small plots of say 4 person now the builder is forcing us to accept his offer to give this land for development to him and take 40% of converted flat on my land i do not want to accept his offer but i am afraid i do not have good choice my question to you is as below: 1. Is there any law by which i will get ease of accessibility to my plot in terms of Road 2. If yes, how much wide road i will able to get by law(i will prefer 25 Ft road) 3. by Law, am i eligible to get shortest route by main road or any roaute depends on that builder? Thanks in Advance