How to save my land?

Sir/ Ma'm, I gave my paternal share wet land to my elder sister for lease but when i asked her to handover my land back she refused with greediness then i filed suit against to my sister but mean while she sold out my land to some A along with her share and shifted to distant place, and that person A sold out to person B while court trail is on at last by God's grace i got my land back by the court decree in 1996 and by the time i got court decree in my favor my land was under control of B, so Court Amena came and handover my land to me, i paid taxes twice, that B asked me to sell my land to him but i refused to sell, from then by using his potential financial power he stopped me by threatening and every time when i try to apply for the pass book and title deeds he highly influences his power on revenue office and often they send me back meanwhile he paid taxes for few years on behalf of my land like his own:thus my land was still in his adangal, i have only court papers also i cultivated that land for few years and since 20 years iam enjoying the fruits of my land since the time i got court decree in 1996, Finally by God"s grace present good revenue officers agreed and approved my e passbook sent for the printing but that B person with lot of grudge and greediness sent me summons from the same court as iam going to encroaching his land forcefully i can't digest this act sir/ Ma'm, if i step to the court can i regain my land or not? kindly reply me back and i will be grateful to you. Sincerely, Smt Anasuya.