Dear Sir, one person came to me with an intention to purchase my property, gave me cheque and spoke sweet words convinced me to give all the original documents. his cheque bounced and didnt return my documents. I gave newspaper ad and sent legal notice cancelling GPA. He threatened me many times confronting me with goondas. I avoided him for few years and after 7 years when I tried to sell the property to another person, the buyer receives a legal notice from an unknown person saying that he has filed a case against me in court that I had taken some money from him and there is a court case going on against me. I later came to know that the first person gave the originals to another person who has filed a case against me. When i checked the documents in court I found that to be a forged sale agreement. I hired a lawyer and this unknown person never turned up twice for cross examination. looks like the first person who took my originals is playing this game from behind. Kindly advise how to proceed.