Evidance tof file the divorce

We had done Love marriage We had completed 8 years 9 months of my married life.We having 02 childrens both Son 07 & 01 years old.in this time i had faced a lot of issue against my wife.In this period lots of time my wife had Argument & fighting left my house and went to her mother.While arguing every time she broken her Bangles,Removing her Mangalsutra and roughed her Bindi by saying i had dead for her.But every time after some days she came back to home.After few some days the same condition was continuing all the times.But due to seeing the future of children every time i had tried to start a newly. Now it was unable to Impatient the condition.Now a days she had started a new theory by giving warning for Left the house with the children and attempt the suicide and blame it on us.Due to this i am totally disturbed.I am getting afraid if any incident occurred what will be future of my childrens.I had given such a issue in the knowledge of my Mother-in-law & Brother-in-law.But they were not giving the interest to take a participate to resolve the problem.And Saying "If anything wrong happens to my Doughter then we will look to you" Its a request to all of you please guide me what should i do.Their are totally darkness in front of me. What should i do for get a divorce before happening any unfortunate incident.I want a custody of children.I want to avoid to give any maintenance.What evidance should i required.