My Neighbor said a lot of abusive word about my father.

Today , i.e. 18 April 2016 at morning around 1 am there was a sound of running water , overflowing from the water tank which is connected to a bore-well. My father rushed outside and switched off the machine and told neighbors to be more careful next time in a very polite manner. He said," Meri aapse namra vinanti hai ki aise pani waste na jaane de. " The wife of the man my father was talking to started shouting he did not respond and came inside and locked the door. At around 9:30 am in the morning. He again told the neighbor to be careful as there is drought in Maharashtra and we are the lucky one's who have enough water to use. My father also suggested that they could tell him whenever they wanted to use the bore-well. Well the neighbor couples got all "hell hath fury" and the lady threw abuses at my father, words like 'Halkat , Gand Mara' were said. She being a lady we couldn't say or do anything about it. After my father went to his office she started screaming again and said ill-words about my father. I am heartfelt about the situation. Is there any legal action we could take to bring them to justice ? Also 1) She stole water from our private water-supply tap. 2) Used our electric socket without permission to charge her mobile device. 3) Entered inside our home without permission multiple times from the backdoor. 4) She left a tap running so my grandmother told them to be careful about not letting water go to waste. The Man screamed at her and told her to mind her own business. Also things you should know : 1) We live at ground floor apartments. 2) The neighbors are tenants 3) This has created a environment of tension and as am typing this the lady is screaming from the backdoor and saying ill-words. 4) She also said that ,"Tumhara jevan haram kardungi." Please help us.