Owner's association issues.

Hi, Greetings... I have certain queries pertaining to property law. Let me have your clarifications on these. We stay in Chennai in a flat comprising 84 apartments. 1. In a flat owner's association, can the election officer and assistant election officer be selected from non-owners, but a resident, without any legal backing. 2.Should the election be conducted on a democratic basis, ie. secret vote by ballot box or by appointments by a selected group of owners. 3.Can a blood relative of the owner of a flat, without any registered POA from the same flat owner, be eligibe for signing the financial papers and to enter in to any contracts/agreements on behalf of the flat owner's association. 4. Will an internal resolution by the association make above said person (question 3) eligible to sign financial papers and cheques and deal with bankers. 5. Can owners whose property is mortgaged are eligible to contest and be office bearers of the association. I would be greatly thankful if experts help me in handling the situation. Thanks & Regards, Anuradha.