Mental harassment for dowry

Hi, this is Priyanka. I got married in year 2011 it was grand marriage done by my parents upto my in laws expectation. After 3 months for my interest my in laws had took the franchise of preschool for me but d school is running at my dads property. After this my husband started demanding money from my parents for business purpose. After fulfilment he stopped harassing me but my parents thought these are initial days and afterwards it ll settle down. It was the first year of marriage and first year of school which is run by me. In this year 2013-14 I stayed pregnant after 5 months in ultrasound we have come to know that baby has some problems. My husband and in law S forced my parents to pay all the expenses during the pregnancy and after pregnancy unfortunately after two months baby boy was no more within this period my parents spent 15 lac for my child and pregnancy because of pressure and mental torture we did all the things as per my in laws and parents opinion. They stopped harassing me because of all d things only for an year 2014-15. 2016 again m expecting and it's 6 th month goin on my husband and my in laws r pressurising my parents to give 10 lacs for business and if u r not giving me I need divorce and marry someone else. It was been told to us they have bottling plant in Goa before marriage it's an arrange marriage but all things are fake that v have come to know after 1 year of marriage. My husband has removed cash many times from my debit cards without informing me. He doesn't have any sort of respect for my parents. He uses bad words for them. Since their demand for money. Husband is not ready to accept me and d baby who is in d womb