Marriage null and void 13 b

Hallo sir, i am assistant professor by profession. salary 50,000/month.on government granted senior college. permanant basis. in my family I and my mother only 2 members in my family. i got married in april 2014.that time i was 38 year old and my brides age was 30.this marriage was arrange marriage .since first day i saw some bizzare behaviour of my wife.i am buddhist (s c) category. we married buddhist way.on second day i saw my wife sitting in one corner of room chanting lord maruti hymn.she was going another room and chanting this maruti hymn reapeatedly. this type of her behaviour suspected me that she must be psycho patient.also i saw big cache of tablets with her.on third day i saw she fell with fits/epilepsy.her legs were not normal types of legs. her legs were like malaria faleria disease big legs. then she went to her fathers house for 10days for rest. when she returned she told me i have to tell you some confidential thing.and she also told me do not tell this matter to your mother. she told me that she has been taking treatment from neurology department one of the big private hospital in pune. she also told me dont touch her body for 3 months. if we had sex then child will die in pregnancy due to side effects of neurological treatment.she told me instead we should adopt a small child. then we decided to meet her doctor. but her father started to avoid to meet doctor. her father is police personell. after 1 month her father told me that we should meet doctor. doctor also told that you have to take care of your wife.i cant guarantee healthy child.she lived in my home for only 5 days.person who showed this match lives near our building.i think that this mediator in collusion with her father want to start ailmony.i filed case in civil court in khed court near pune in july 2014. mediator belongs to other religion.due to tension my sugar reached 468 after meal.these people cheated me. can i file atrocity against them? or what i can do to get early health is also deteiorting.they also threatend me.i want legal solution on it.i am fed up with this matter.these people have ruined my life. my age is risin 40 years.when i can get married?