Need legal advice regarding property sale

My grandfather and his two brothers opened a tailoring shop in a partnership business model in Kolkata. each one of them had 6-7 children. before they died each one of them nominated one of their sons to inherit the ownership of the shop. my grandfather nominated my father for the ownership. but since he was a lawyer himself he decided to transfer the ownership in my mom's name to avoid legal consequences. Now that my father has died my uncles and their sons are trying to get a bite of the apple. They are citing the logic that since the property was inherited from my father and he is no more, we have no right to that share of the property alone and that it should be evenly distributed. I have the following documents with me: 1) The agreement paper between the partners to start the business 2) A legal document where during my grandmother's lifetime my uncles willingly donated ownership of the shop to my father 3) A legal document where my father transferred ownership to mom. what chances are that if they take to legal recourse I can retain full share of my part of the property?