Mental torture by inlaws and husband

I have been married for last 4years, ours was arranged marriage. My husband is a mama's boy, from the day one of my marriage i am getting ill treatment,i did all my marital duties but rights were not given to me. i have been treated like non family member. I have a daughter and a son with my husband. My mil used to complain abd commenting me for almost everything I do. My husband hear those complaints and fought with me. Sometimes he used to beat me. My husband was doing his father's business now 6 months before he started a business by his own. My mil used to call my mother and fighting about me. I used to do all housechore activities even though she is complaining me. My husband' s sister is also with us. She is slightly mentally retarded person. I even taking care of her. But still my mil complaining to my mother that I need to check my sil's pad during her menstrual cycle. My husband is also not supporting me and torturing me. We planned to move to separate home which is nearer to my daughters school, but mil is creating drama saying that she is unable to do household activities so asking my husband to take them with us. Its all giving me mental attention. Please advice me on this. Thanks in advance.