Restitution of land

My mother had around 22 acres of land in her name since 1997-1998. The land originally belonged to her grandfather and was given to her after her marriage as a way of avoiding it being most under the urban land ceiling act. The 7/12 papers were also in my mother's name. My mother's younger brother, desired that land, and conspired with my mother's younger sister to commit fraud. All these three parties are siblings. What they did was, they forged the identity documents, in this case the driving license of my aunt, to show her as my mother. They used the same, along with two fake witnesses to execute a sale deed from my mother to my uncle, stating that the land has been sold to my uncle for a sum of money that he has paid to my mother over the years. This fraud was done in 2010, and we came to know about it late last year. Despite asking them to come and sort out the matter with us, the other parties refused all communication and told us to do anything in our power that we could. We therefore filed a complaint of fraud with the police, following which the other party still refused to settle the dispute and used the fir copy to apply for bail in the sessions court. The bail was denied and following this, the other party approached the high Court for bail. They claimed to be willing to return the land to us in their bail application. The high Court intervened in the entire matter and noted that the fraud is evident on paper and since the other party claims to be willing to return the land, they should do so first as the point of bail doesn't arise in this case. The other party also keeps claiming that the land is theirs rightfully and they have committed no fraud, despite the high Court noting that the fraud is self evident. My question is, their lawyers now claim to have no idea how to perform restitution of the land. The next date in the court is soon approaching and till date they have done nothing or approached us with no papers for restitution. All they sent was a resale deed, saying that they are selling the land back to my mother and that she needs to sign the deed but not give any money, which sounds very counter intuitive. So I would be really thankful if someone could tell me if there is any way of restitution of land after a fraudulent sale, and what acts/judgments pertain to it, as none of their lawyers have any idea and the whole matter is very convoluted now.