Owner deducting random amount from our advance

We were 4 girls and we lived in his house for 1.5 years. The house was not painted when we moved in. We spoke to the previous tenant, the house was not even painted when she had moved in. So, the house has remained unpainted for 4 years. Now, once we have left, the owner is refusing to give back our advance amount without deducting 1 month's rent as expenses for painting, cleaning, repairs, and kitchen slab replacement. Our rent agreement clearly mentions that we will be liable to pay only the amount for damages caused by us, and also for painting ONLY IF ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. The painting was not absolutely necessary by any standard. Also, earlier, when we took the flat, owner had said he will deduct 5000 from the security. But now, he is saying we have destroyed the house so much that the earlier statement is not applicable. He is lying. The house is in a perfectly fine condition and we don't see why we should pay for anything except the repairs and cleaning. Please advise..