Flse 498a complaint in caw cell and pressurize me for settlement

My wife file a false complaint of 498a in caw cell now on 2nd date few panchayat members agreed in front of officer in-charge that they know that there is no dowry given or taken but the girls family want settlement in 250000, and from both sides panchayat members agreed on 1 lakh, she was refusing to come to my house and already asked for divorce but they pressurize me and my family into this settlement, then they take us to advocate and make a agreement on 50 rs stamp paper that panchayat talak has been given on 1 lakh rs settlement and attested by notary, and i gave a post dated check of 1 lakh rs on wife name for settlement. now can i stop that check to be cleared and if so is this a offence of law, my settlement papers are still with caw cell officer in charge, she only issue those settlement papers after clearance of my check, 1. Is this kind of divorce appropriate or legally valid, 2. if i stop the check payment and ask for valid divorce from court, in this matter check bounce is a offence, 3. what options do i have in this situation 4. i dont want to pay the money because all the things in complaint are only lies, not even a single truth. 5 if my check bounces is it a legal liability, 6 i cannot trust my wife because she is only doing this for money so should i ask for legal divorce and then ready to pay in my case there was no dowry not even barat in my marriage i only went there with my 4 family members. the 498 a complaint is false which is cleared in front of officer in-charge, and if all this is clear in-front of the officer then can she stop this blackmailing because my wifes panchayat members agreed with this that there is no dowry no barat and only five family members are there and the officer know's this fact from day one that all this was wrong but even then why she did't take stand and give me the clean chit, one more thing can i take stand now that i disagree to this settlement to me all this was like a fraud. please guide me, i need help