Surity to bail

Shivu has illegal relationship with women that women's husband (prassanna) not good to her and he is addicted to alcohol, on election time prassanna and his friends went to drink on that day 3rd person made huge plan in order to finish prassanna and he put bottle of whisky in front of his house and he went, but prassanna didn't think about that bottle he and his friend kumar took that bottle and died after 5 minutes. this all happened during election time peoples talk about parties given that bottle, leaders of that parties strictly ordered to police to investigate case police did that they turned case into shivu has accused person, he has illegal relationship and in order to get prassanna's property, shivu and prassanna wife made murder. but 3rd person did that due to personnel revenge but people made doubt about 3 to 5 people did this. shivu is jail from 18 days. but he already made suicide attempted but is failed. he is heart patient also. if anybody given surity for bail, after coming outside from the jail if shive get suicided what will be case and about person who given surity for bail what action may take.