Return of streedhan

My daughter was married to alawyer in aresult constant verbal and physical abuse she forced run away from him and is now living with us since2010. she is ateacher in an unaided school. she has two children aboy and agirl aged 17 and 16 .she has filed for a divorce and the case with the mediator we prefer a settlement since to conduct the case in ajudicial court is along and expensive procedure, thanks to almighty she could take with her all the ornaments except 10 sovereigns which her husband had sold'the question is we had given 16,5 lakh rupees as streedhan in 1997' he hasnot bouht anything except 4 lakh worth car and put the rest of the amount in bank'my daughter was ot allowed to ask any thing about the money from the first week itself and she was afraid .now after about 20 years he is willing to give only 8 lakh rupees asstreedhan money and 50 cents of land to children.should we agree?we are sure he has liquid cash with him and he is the only son of awellto do father.nothing can substitute for her sufferings,but to live with a man suffering from severe personality disorder is suicidal .can we expect atleast 30 lakhs? he has not given asingle rupee towards maintenance. we are retired people and do not know how long we can support her.