Mutual consent to contest divorce advice

Hello, I would really appreciate if anyone could help e with my situation. I got married to my husband four years ago and moved to London with him two and a half years back. We have not consummated our marriage and despite asking him the reasons all these years, I have never got a response. He has not been physically or emotional available till date. Realizing he has issues, I have constantly asked him to see a counselor but he has to reciprocate. Only after I came to India and told him I need a divorce he got himself an appointment and realised he has unresolved childhood issues and the therapist asked him to go through sexual counselling. After opening up to my parents, both the families met and my parents and I decided we will file for mutual consent as we didn't want his issue to be a hurdle for him further if he wants to get married. I now regret the fact the i applied for mutual divorce. My in-laws and my so called "husband" care only about money, assets and property and nothing else. I am just out of college pre-primary teacher and finding it hard to find a job in Banglore and finding it hard to meet the ends. My husband doesn't want to support me and they are finding ways to escape from paying me a single penny. My father-in-law had made a will (as a gift) on his property we lived in back in London; equal share of property between my husband and me. He has been pestering me to sign he document saying I am returning the gift to my husband. I don't want to sign it as I know I will end up with nothing if I do. (To keep in mind, my husband earns around GBP 2000, and inherited 2 properties (6 crores and 3 crores worth houses in England and 2 properties (5 bedroom house and 6 flats in joint with his sister in Bangalore). Keeping all of the above in mind: 1. Is it worth withdrawing mutual consent and contesting in court? We have mentioned cultural differences as the reason for divorce in mutual consent. 2. During my first hearing can I tell the judge the truth, will it make any difference? 3. Can I file for pre-divorce maintenance and how much should I possibly expect? 4. Am I eligible for lump sum/one time alimony/settlement? How much is reasonable? Thanks in advance for all the advice.