Cheating by brothers

Sir /Madame, A divorced women age 65 has 1 daughter (divorced) 2 son (1 expired). Children leave separately. Woman used to leave jointly with brothers. At the age of 30 she left for Saudi Arabia as domestic helper stayed there for 30 years all her earnings & investment were managed by brothers. Brothers used & invested money on their own name in houses & plots. When the women returned from SA. After some time they kicked her off from any claim in property. She don't have place to leave nor any source for bread at this age. She only has Xerox copy of ration card of that time with her name & her brothers, & passport her children r also very poor property has been swallowed by brothers as they use her money to buy property on their name can she get her property back. I am just a wellwisher of the lady as she cried at my house with her story. Samaj people have been manipulated by her brothers. Legal battle is too much for her age. & financially she is unfit is there any immediate remedy or legal options she is my mother's friend. Please advice Thanks for sparing your time. God bless you