Tenant vacated premises, owner not refunding Advance Amount

BUILDING we had taken for rent has come for re-contruction from past five years so owner does not want to spend to maintain house in spite every 11months from 2013 May Agreement done trough registration, unfortunately 2015-16,agreement not given us a copy, since copy not given charges of our side paid, last month March 13 we called our owner and informed about the house condition going day by day very bad, I got hurt on my shoulder because a slab fell on me we want to vacate he himself agreed saying I agree it's in a bad state you may proceed, keep me informed just two days before how many ever days you stay pay so much. On 1April we called n told 10th we shall handover keys give us our advanced amount. On 10th he came said I forgot to get cheque on Tuesday 12 we shall meet for same. On 11th rent was deposited for 9 days but he seemed to be not happy now he's asking for registration paper amount and 1full month rent. We are ready to pay reg. amount but he's demanding full rent for that also we have agreed asking through pay order. Still if he demands more what to do. All above conversation has happened orally. What to do