What action can be taken against false complaint(hv 100% proof)

One old female friend has registered a complaint and ipc 506,507 and 354D has been imposed upon it...i have clear proof that ll prove that each line in that complaint is 100% false..i have applied for advance bail from high court..the day i knew about the case immediately i had sent proof of my innocence to police iic through whatsapp and since then the police is silent..but i doubt that police is biased as without any clear mentioned complaint they hv put 3 ipcs 506,507,354D.. The complaint was lodged on 8-10-2015.. On the fir complaint only this much is written as complaint that "since these 5-6months i tried to contact her after getting her number somehow by some unknown sources and when she didn't accept my friendship i started running her image by spreading false love matters about her by calling her relatives and even threatened n blackmailed her"".... But the fact is she was my normal friend since 4+yrs and many times she had approached me to stay with her as friend and guide her..i have her all text msgs n call recordings..so clearly i was not behind her.. She has registered the case on 8oct2015, as i remember i had last talked with her on 1st week of August 2015..there after i m not in contact with her by any mean.. In the complaint she has given 10 unknown numbers as my number that i have used for making calls to her relatives,but interestingly she has included her own mother number as my number in that list..so clearly it seems how authentic her claim is.. Her parents r looking for her marriage proposal and still she started love affair in may2015 and when i came to know about this i tried to control and guide her and informed her parents about this(previously too c had other love affair and was already Defamed in her locality and thus i told her not to repeat same mistake at this marriage time)..but as c didn't listen i just stepped away...what i had informed her parents about her love affair is absolute truth and i hv many txt msgs and call recordings as proof.. I live in a place that is 1000kms far from her..but my elder sister's home is nearby to her home..i came to know about this case just before 20days as police entered my sister home enquiring about me...she has just used the words THREAT AND BLACKMAIL (nothing else mentioned as wht type of threat or blackmail) and police have put 3ipcs 506,507,354D.. Clearly i can prove that this is a 100% false complaint and already i have sent some proof to iic through whatsapp..after getting bail now i am going to meet iic sir and submit more proof...previously her boyfriend had harassed me through his police friend (that police personal was from another state and when i complained to his senior ofiicials he stopped)..i have call recordings and screenshots of call list of this harassment too.. The complainer girl and her father had forcibly entered my sister's home(where 70yrs aged oldwoman lives alone) and had taken contact numbers of my relatives forcibly from her mobile and called my relatives and even theft a memory card from home... I hv call recordings as proof of this too.... So repeatedly they r harassing me and now have made this serious case to ruin my life.. So kindly guide what action can b taken about these offenders.. Is revealing truth is crime by any mean if u hv complete proof? If i ld hv not been able to prove this case false i ld end up in jail for many years..so why ld not strict action b taken against the false complainer.. So please guide so that the real guilty ld b well punished.. When can i ask for compensation or defamation as already 50k been spent and how much i can claim for compensation or defamation? Please experts give proper advice