Divorce within 1 year of marriage

In may 2015 marriage occured nd in june 2015 my wife left home charging illigation to the police that we beat her nd threat to killed. But there is no case or complain to the police. The police came and just said that she want to go her parents home nd so let him go and assure us that she will return after few days. But till now she not came. I have her call records that she involved with some other person .but the no belongs to some other person. Now they demanded money to seperate by mutual concent. But they demand money before filling the case. And elapsing the time without reason. She nd her family does not take any effort to save this relation. Due to our efforts some meeting takes place without any result. And therafter they demanded money for seperation. My q is that is there any problem could arise for us due to this delay from her side. And the 2nd q is that can we go to file case from own side by making allegation of her undue calls nd her family behaviour who not effort to save this marriage suugest me pls