Law for cheating

Hello, My name is Ajay Ray residing in Kolkata,India. About my story: I am 32 years now living alone.My mother late SMT. K. Ray also a resident of Kolkata passed away at the age of 61 years on 24th November 2012. My biological father Mr.Santosh Ray met my mother who was then providing legal book press services in near the high court of Calcutta premises. That time my father was into government job and was trying to start his own educational institute which he did with the guidance and joint effort of my mother also termed as a treasurer in the newly found educational concern. She did so much for my father starting from logo design,administrative work,even cleaning the place. During those times my biological father proposed my mother for marriage and relationship making her agree to get married. After being in relationship for couple of years he disclosed my mother that he can't get married now as he is already married to a lady with 3 children. Also told my mother that his wife is in relationship with a other man and he considered all the children are his.Also that his wife and the other man had plotted to kill him or harm him and filed letter to the police at those times. Just to get my mother's support he insisted that they shall get married after he gets the divorce. Times past and when my mother asked he delayed the matter ,then one day he visited my maternal grand parent's house where my grandparents knew the situation from my mother and insisted that they should get married. My father got married in the Kalighat Temple and came to my maternal grand parents house(1 picture available) with my mother and stayed there for few days. Then he shifted her to a women's hostel from where my mother used to go work. Their first child died due to complications but I was born the second when he rented a ground floor of a house where we started to live. After my birth my father insisted my mother lo leave work as a treasurer from the already established institute to look after me and then where my mother agreed. Whenever my mother used to ask him when will he divorce his wife he used to say that they are punishing him and hurt him physically to the great extent and he shall get the divorce at the earliest. My mother being a lady being born in a family who are very down to earth and simple believed in her husband's words. Then my biological father bought a flat at a distance on 1991 and shifted us there with him telling me that he was going on business and use to come on weekends. After living like that for couple of years he came with all his belongings and clothes to reside in our flat,where he stayed full time for years. To bring to your kind attention that I was not aware of the situation at that time as was a child. Then one day his son who was quite older than me visited our apartment and threatened my mother and me saying that he has anti-social connections(that he had) and will kill my mother. I being a young guy stood beside my mother and informed the local neighbors out of whom a gentle businessman whom everyone used to respect stood beside me and my mother telling local don not to do anything to his sister,my mother and her son(me).The local goons also used to respect the person and didn't took any drastic steps. No relatives came to support us during this situation as they were afraid of my father who now have one of the biggest businesses in India and have connections of higher authorities. After that my father stayed for few months and escaped from our flat back to his first wife without attending any phone calls from us and without letting us know where he was at that time. Month's past and my mother out of sadness tried suicide attempts at home when I used to go school....luckily I reached home most of the times at that moment (even extiguished fire from her saree lot of times). I tried to contact my father at the institute office but he told the security to grab my collar and throw me outside the building. My mother day by day was loosing herself in sorrow and banding her head on the walls she was now always talking to herself....skipping meals,not taking water and finally she contracted a very rare mental disorder where she used to talk to someone all the time and even I used to hear her at night talking in her bedroom and sometimes shouting. Years we spent very drastic life where I also used to stay awake every night after work resulting in reverse depression effecting my studies,work and vital living energy. Now after my mother was hospitalized,bed ridden for 6 months in ITU in one of the renowned hospitals in Kolkata. I thought of contacting my father along with my friends I visited him in his office where the secretary screamed and shouted on seeing me and told us to leave as she is now in a relation with my father but not agreeing to her we visited inside my father's cabin and seeing all my friends my father spoke to me and I told him my mother is in the hospital and if he can visit....he told me separately that he can't bare the hospital charges and what happened with my mother was her destiny. I told him that I don't need his financial help but to be present because my mother is at last stages,his secretary told him not to go and he too hesitated saying he has got some meetings and appointments.But when all my friends insisted together that he should come he visited the hospital. Once in the hospital he was laughing and cracking jokes in front of us and my maternal uncle and aunt....and was telling about how rich he is and how he visited the entire world. Shame on humanity seeing this person. My mother wept seeing my father and could not able to speak as she lost her power of speech due to the disease. My father left and never even called to ask how she was and when she died I called him to inform that she is no more and we are taking her to cremation and if only he can come.....he said he is busy. Why he came to the hospital that day was the reason that my then girlfriend was with me along with the friends and he told her that what is in me but he has money and power and she can come in relation with him leaving me,which my then girlfriend told me and also she was so offended hearing that she left me and now is married. When in sradh I called him he came to the venue like a family friend and left without informing me after a while. Later when I called he directly told me as my mother is no more he doesn't have any legal threats and laughed. From then on I don't have any contacts with my father and when ever he comes face to face on road he leaves in the crowd to the other side of the road like I am a complete stranger. He is living now in one of the other apartments that he has where his secretary visits on intervals with other woman and visits his first wife and children on weekends. I stay at the same flat that is in his name from the year 1993. Now how do this devil in disguise can be punished legally who is a moral and social disgrace. Can he evacuate me from the flat where I am living all this years by him or his children from 1st wife? I lost my childhood for this person,my mother died because of this person,I lost my heard end money because of treatment for my mother and me(was suffering from reverse depression and acute nerve problems) now which are gone due to treatment and meditation,bad words by people who don't have anything other than fun in criticism,but the scar in mind won't leave. Please guide me so a cheater can be brought to justice. Thanks & Regards