I got married in india 2 yrs before and settled in hongkong .My husband lived with me for 3 months and after that he ignores me by saying im not respecting his mom and sisters for this he want a divorce from me ow..we are living in same house in hk but not like husband and wife past 20 months he is not talking to me just avoid me everytime thinking abt his mom and sister..i want to live with him.. 1) how can i get justice coz he never lived with me and he want divorce now and i dont want to give him divorce. 2)He is financiallly very strong and im not so he is telling me to accept for mutual by saying that he will make me roam for divorce coz im not financially strong,and he he say like all the property is in his dad name whos is dead 4 yrs before and i will not get nothing.,,so threating me to accept mutual consent for divorce....I dont bother his property i want to live with him thats why waited for 2yrs.wat should i do in this case. 3)i think All this is there plan for 2 yrs not living with me by no reason that im not respecting his family and avoiding me in everystage.. I wan to live with him for that i can go even to protest against his family.. Kindly help me how should i get justice to live with him..