Govt Industrial Board acquired DC approved and registered land

My mother purchased land (60*120) in Bangalore around 1980's with special DC approved registration, since my mother could not take Katha because of local mandal panchayat people who were against to the land lord who sold that land to us, they keep dragging for many years, finally my mother got sick and died because of cancer after one years "Govt industrial development board" acquired that land and compensation has been given to the land lord who sold land to us, we are not getting any fruitful information from "Govt industrial development board" (we are unable to know where to approach reason we are just a common man fighting for, also they are pointing here and their where we were tiered going to that office), when we take out EC it is still in mother's name, we are not sure even is this because of the political influence going on their where we are not able to do anything.. now my concern is "Why DC registration don't have any value? In India once land get registered by govt why it holds no value with out Katha ? Will it be possible to get compensation or any alternative land in our case because that land lord taken compensation from "Govt industrial development board" after selling land to us, what kind of justice or law is this?? just want to know is their any final possibilities. Will poor people like us get justice we just lost hope?