Bankers Harassment and failure to pay bank overdraft

Hello Sir/Ma'am, My father had taken bank overdraft of 6 Lakh rupees about 10 years back for business purposes. My father was regular at the payments of interest all these years. But things things turned bad four years back because of continuous losses in our business we have to sell out our house and other properties and assets. From that point of time my fathers business kept on facing losses and now the time is that he lost his business, he's unemployed, we're living in rental house and haven't paid rent for about 4 months and neither we have bank balance or any other property. Now, I'm working in company for 8,000 a month and that's the sole source of income. And the bank is keep on threatening us that they'll put us behind bars and my father has to serve his life term in a prison, also they have taken many blank checks from my father as he's not educated but to pay the interest we even took informal loan as well. We're also not in position to hire a legal professional. And now the condition is so severe that we're thinking to end up our lives. Is there any way to get out of this? We haven't cheated the bank or anyone, it's just we're not in position to payback or even to have a mean of two time. Please help us.