Helmet rule clarification for sikh gentlemen while riding bike

Hello I need a certain clarification regarding the helmet law. I am a sikh and I have been told certain times that i have to wear a helmet while wearing a 'Patka'. It is to be duly noted that have unshorn hair of heavy volume and have been told that the rule applies only to sikh gentlemen wearing a turban only who are exempted I find this confusing. And wearing a turban is not always possible and it is impossible to wear a helmet with a patka due to the volume of hair. Now I would like to know whether a patka is also considered a turban or not. This issue has been of great distress to me and it would be great to know the law correctly. The following is an extract of the MV act 1988 Section 129. Wearing of protective headgear. Every person driving or riding (otherwise than in a side car, on a motor cycle of any class or description) shall, while in a public place, wear 1[protective headgear conforming to the standards of Bureau of Indian Standards]: Provided that the provisions of this sections shall not apply to a person who is a Sikh, if he is, while driving or riding on the motor cycle, in a public place, wearing a turban: Provided further that the State Government may, by such rules, provide for such exceptions as it may think fit.