498 a on NRI mother-in-law

I have been married to a NRI since 2 months now. Its an arranged marriage and all the talks before marriage went between his parents mainly his mother and my family. Though we insisted to talk to boy they kept saying the boy is so traditional different from all the current age boys. My family is a middle class one and were looking for a family with traditional values and caring in-laws. My mother in law acted so compassionate with us that we and all realtives felt that i am very lucky. She always honeypotted us with words and traditional way of life. even at the time of marriage she was always around and did all rituals that have to be done by her son saying that he doesnt know well. After marriage it turns out that my husband suffers from schizophrenia. He is aware of fact that he should be careful in hiding his mental illness, probably trained by his mother. He is very abnormal person with such a disease and as a young girl its hard for me to deal with it. All my dreams of marriage are shattered and i succumbed to depressio. But my parents and realtives support i am able to leave that place and currently living on my own. But i cant digest the fact that i have been cheated. I want to apply for annulment or divorce and claim for some compensation as my family worked out lot of money for my marriage. I dont know how to proceed with this. My mother in law still claiming that he is perfectly alright and now as i left without their consent she is asking for mutual divorce blaming me as a unsupportive girl for their family and saying that she wont give any compensation. And she is planning for eloping to US. I cant let them go for concealing truth and disturbing life of a ordinary working independant girl. I care about my parents a lot. Please help me.