Not getting salary of last two month

Hi All, I am working in the IT company, I have recently changed my job. But I have the issue of salary with my prior company. Let me brief of that, I have bond with one and half year. This bond was on the company latter pad only. I was not satisfied with that job so I have decided to leave job. In that case I have fulfill all the condition related to bond breaking. I have already paid my one month salary with reference to breaking bond also I have served my one month server after putting resignation as per the contract which I have signed. After put resigned company has not pay salary of previous month Feb, 2016 and current month March, 2016. Now, When I have asked about my two month salary, company told me that client has not approve my salary. I have requested many time for my salary. Event company is not provided salary slip to his employee as well. They told me they do not provide salary slip to their employee. Now, Please tell me how can I get may two months salary back? May I take any legal action again of company?