Daughter Right on Parents Self Earned Property

MY Grandfather Died in 2001 Without will, leaving a 600 Square Yard house[Self made] with my grandmother, My Father [His only son] and 6 Aunties[his daughters]. As there was equall right of daughters at that time , We sold the half of the property with the consent [power of Attorney] of our 3 Aunties and my father’s power of attorney and paid them equally. Again we sold Remaining property’s half part with the consent of my two aunty and paid equally. These all transaction took place about 5 to 7 years before. Now as my one aunty and grandmother was remained and recent came the supreme court ruling “Daughter do not have right on parental property whose father died before 2005”. It was because of this ruling my grandmother and my father sold the remaining property jointly in jan 2016. Now My one aunty has filed a case against my grandmother[her Mother] and father[her only brother] Stating that she was not informed about the sale of the property and it was her right on the property so “Whole the sale should be nullify and her right on the property should be given. As it is a conspiracy against her so under section 420 Both my father and grandmother should be arrested. Now let me know the legal aspect of the case and Repercussions. Vikas Sharma