Is child of a migrant parents may consider as a OBC ?

My Name is Dipan Patel. I was born and brought up in Daman and Diu. i am 33 now. I want to apply for the job where a OBC certificate is a mandatory. For the same purpose i turn to office of the executive magistrate in daman. My application for obtaining OBC certificate turn down saying my parent belongs to gujarat and hence i cannot be eligible for the same. My father got OBC from Gujarat. but they denied me as i was born in Daman. And Daman office saying because my father is from Gujarat we cannot give you OBC. I dont know though i do fulfill all the criteria required for OBC but still denied to get certificate on the basis of Migration. Moreover while obtaining Income certificate they (daman office) asked my family income which is more than the prescribed limit. For this two reasons they have refused me to give OBC certificate. So my question is Is family income is due required to obtain obc ? Why i cant get OBC when the both Gujarat State and UT of Daman have my caste on the list of OBC caste?