Mental harassment by mil and sils

Hi i have been married for 1.6 years. My second SIL, who came to her maternal home(my husband's home) when she was 3 months pregnant stayed there for 2 years, stating that her husband is govt emplyee and so she cannot go behind him at every job transfer. This is fake reason, since the reality is she is so lazy that she cannot do household chores and she used to be taken care completely by her mother, right from feeding her. After my marriage i did every household chores like preparing food,cleaning house, and balanced my professional life, while they used to sleep till 9 n the morning and simply roaming around. After 2 months she left to her husbands home after my husband compelled her to do so. Even my MIL also left to her sister home,which is her routine habit of leaving my husband and FIL even before my marriage. Then i came to know that My MIL had filed Dv case on FIL when my husband was very young,somehow they compromised and from thereafter she doesnot speak properly with FIL and also doesnot take care of him. My MIL keeps on moving here and her parents home and sister's home, for which neither my husband nor FIL objects. So, ASA my SIL left,mil has also left to her sis home.I m working woman nd I used to take care of my husband nd FIL. After just 1 month SIL returned back again along with my MIL and started treating me like maid. Then i told her i need help from her side for sharing household chores,for which they both quarreled with me. I stopped talking to them and told my husband that i will not cook for them,and let them cook for themselves. My MIL and SIL used very bad words ON me AND started to tell badly abt me to neighbours and my relatives. This gave a huge mental torture. Now since my husband got a new job,we shifted to nearby his office for rent,leaving his own house for TOLET. But now my MIL has given dv case in woman's welfare soceity(WWS) on my Husband,FIL and me stating that she has no place to live and wants to stay n own house preventing us to give for rent so that her both daughters can stay with her and also can demand for the same property. Also she has stated that i m torturing her,not preparing food for her,so she doesnot want to stay with us n rent house. My question is i have been to much mental torture due to my MIL and SILS.My husband nd FIL never interupted when MIL nd SIL INSULTED and quarreled with me in WWS which disturbed me a lot. My husband doesnot want to support me nor his mother since he is afraid that soceity will speak that he is taking his wifes side.I took care of him when he was hospitalised,and i took care of my FIL also. Even my husband says that my FIL s his first priority and i m next,and also expects me to do clean his bathroom. Since he or FIL doesnot speak for me when MIL nd SIL insulted me,i angrily told my husband that i am fed up and i am not leading a peaceful life. So he took me to my mothers home and told me to live peacefully there. Due to these family problems we have not yet consummated our marriage. Kindly let me know what steps can i take legally to shut my MIL mouth from spreading rumors abt me,how can i take action against my sils?My sil is arguing that its her fathers house and she has every right to stay there permanantly?