Access blocked by neighbor through his property?

I am a disabled person. Having house in our own land. Our ageold walkway (almost 90years old) blocked by neighbor which we was used by forefather. Walkway was through the neighbor property and and it is the only one walkway. there is no other available access. The walkways is also not registered in gram Panchayat records. Gram Panchayat, Tahsildar are unable to solve the problem saying that it is an private land. In village road, electricity line and water pipeline are passing through my land for which concerned department has not taken our consent. But we are now not given access to our home by neighbour. What shall I do now to get my access back? Whether I can block the road passing through my land, remover electricity and water pipeline through my land? As per clause 110 right of person with disability bill 2015- clause- action taken in good faith can the disability commissioner or collector can help me to provide my access??? Or is there any other law that can provide me the Justice??