Wife torturing husband

We entered into love and relationship which ended with marriage, before marriage my todays wife then my lover often threatened to commit suicide or break the relationship. I took it lightly because Prima facie I felt that its thought of insecurity that I'm may not marry her is pushing her to behave such extreme & awkward. there has been enough fights & barb but finally as decided I married as I intended since beginning of relationship. But after marriage she asked me to get separate from my family particularly parents & sisters. guarded me from not meeting them or talking to them. I started to take care of them visiting them & supporting them with money as they needed. she one day got to know about it and started asking to give my entire salary into her account. she started locking me in room from Friday night till Monday morning. I was allowed to go to office and acknowledge her after reaching and before leaving. I tolerating this for some months stopped listening her then she started threatening me that she will commit suicide if not obliged. she tried to hand, cut her blood veins, sometimes later she drank phenol which costed me 32000 to rescue & treat her. her parents complained against me & my family. Now the same is continuing. my social life has ruined no friends no relaxation etc. Can someone suggest me how to end this through legal separation. I already had bad experience with one advisor who in the name of avoiding FIR by her parents looted hefty amount leaving me penniless. please help by sharing knowledge & steps that I can take to end it with no mutual damage.