Dear experts - this is the status of my marriage... 1. i filed divorce against my wife on the grounds of cruelty 2. post this my wife filed DV/498a cases on me and my parents 3. HC granted exemption for appearance for my parents on both the cases. 4. my wiife's 498a chief & cross & her divorce chief & cross are contradicting to each other. for example - in divorce chief - she says i didnt take care of her like food & medical check up but in divorce cross - she admits i provided monthly doctor checkup and food. like this there are several examples. same scenarios in 498a chief & cross. 5. in DV act, she is asking separate accommodation, maintenance, compensation, medical and other reliefs. 6. in divorce 24hma, i am paying hefty amount monthly though she supressed several facts in divorvce 24hma petition. having said all these, i have few queries... 1. in an unfortunate event, if my divorce case is dismissed, can my wife enter house forcibly and immediatly after dirvoce is dimissed? if so, how to stop her from doing this. 2. if she comes thru DV act, when can she enter my house? immedatily or after DV judgement? when she is anyways asking separate accommondation, why she will enter my home foribly? 3. if i win 498a case, can i file criminal cases against her even though divorce is dismissed? 4. in her divorce cross, she spoke about good things that will be in favor of me but in her chief, she is taking against me. is it not a misconduct? are these not lies? 5. what steps my parents have to take to safeguard themselves against this wife in the event divorce is dismissed?