Need advice

Hi , I got married to <XXXX> on 27th novemeber 2015. From the first day of wedding. Hisr mother start torturing me by saying "HUM ladke wale hai" Tum ladki ho u should eat less. u should not talk with confidence, u should not sit on bed along with us. She treat me as untouchable. she snatch things from my hand. She won't allow me to enter in home's temple. My husband was quiet on all this. Then after 15 days of my marriage my husband ask me 2 lac rupees so that he can pay EMI of 2nd home which is in gaziabad on his mother's name. I said i don't have money now. Then his behavior changed suddenly. he stop talking to me. He never come to room after that. Then we went for pre- booked honeymoon on 25th Dec.After coming back from trip he keep on saying i have spend so much money on you. You should atleast share. Then on 8th jan he start asking me for 1 lac rupees to pay the EMI of her mothers Life insurance policy. From 1st jan to 13 jan, his mother won't let me eat dinner in the night.I am working women. so i just had my dinner at home. Every night for 10 days , she used sit on floor and keep crying " BHAGWAN ne ESKO SARI KHUSHAIYAN DE DI and mujhe dukh de diye". After this his sons starts shouting at me. keep on fighting with me till midnight. I was hospitalized because of extreme torture. Then my parents took me home on 16th jan . After a month they come at home and take me back on 11th feb . Then their behavior was even more worse than before. After that the count even my tooth paste usage. His mother never left any sabzi. so i eat chapati with "GUR" in the evening. She through my clothes on dirty floor .Even for 1 spoon of detergent to wash my clothes i have to struggle. During this time my husband never come to my room.instead on 10th day he said if i want to keep relationship with him then i have to share my all bank statements and payslip. I shared with him. Then he start forcing me to transfer nominees of all insurance policy and saving on his name. I refuse to do so. Then his mother call my parents on 14th march ask for money which i had earned in 5 years of work life. Also, my husband ask me to END relationship with my brother and my parents. Then i come back to home with my parents. Now, it's more than a month my husband never call me back. His mother always said she will marry his son again because he is a boy. Since you are girl your life will be spoiled. If you want to survive in this society then u have to agree all his demands. My parents has a very good reputation.they believe if i get divorce this will really a black spot on their image. They don't want to go for any legal work. But i don't want to let this guy play this money game with any other girl. Is there any middle way, by which a lesson can be taught my husband. Hoping for positive response. Thanks, Indian Women