House rent deposit return.

Dear Sir/Madam, I have stayed in a rented house in Banashankari 2nd stage, Bangalore for more than 5 years from the date 1-11-2010 to [deleted]. I had paid advance of Rs 95000=00 and the rent was 9500 while occupying the house. In the month of Feb-2016, I had informed the owner orally that I am vacating end of march. I have vacated the house and gave the Key to the owner on 30th of March and was waiting for the my advance amount settlement. One more point is in the month of Nov-2015 owner transferred the house to two of his daughters name, so I had not given the rent from the month of Nov -2015. It was advised by him not to give cheque to his name and there was a delay in informing me whose name the future cheque (new owners). So during the settlement I owe him 5 months rent. The monthly rent I was paying this year was Rs 12600. When I had a discussion , the following the amount he showed me as part of the settlement. 5 Months rent - Rs 63000 Last month water and electricity - Rs 1000 Painting Charges - Rs 25000 Carpenter and Plumbing - Rs 5000 ------------------------------------------------------------- Total = Rs 94000 The Settlement amount is [deleted] = Rs 1000 I am fine with the 5 month rent and electricity charges mentioned above. But painting and carpenter/plumbing charges he charged 30000rs for the monthly rented house of Rs12600 is really pained me. I asked him politely that I am ready to give 1 month rent as a painting/maintenance charges, but after the argument he was OK to reduce only 5000rs from it with the great difficulty. And the worst part is since I didnt accept this settlement, he badly scolded me in a very laud voice that, why the hell you stayed in my house if you are unable to pay(ayogya), what is your salary, and I have employed many people like you etc etc as if he is going to beat me. It happened in his house, and he was little old gentleman, so I didnt talk anything and silently left from there. I am really pained by the insult he made to me by talking bad things. Please note, he is a well to do person and doesn't not depend on the rent for living. Please advice what to do here? I am helpless.