Minors right in ancestral property that is already sold

Hello, I am planning to buy 6 acres of land in Anathpur District. This property is ancestral property of a certian "A" whoe has 2 sons "B" and "C". Through a registered partition deed done by "A" this property is given to "B" by his father. "B" has a minor daughter "D". This property has been sold by "B" to a certain "X" in the year 2013, however since "D" was a minor she has not signed during the registration that took place in 2013. I have now paid an advance amount to "X" to buy this property and as per the agreement i have to get this registered in 3 months time. I have 3 questions here. - Since "D" was a minor and has not signed during the registration to "X" will this cause a problem to me and whether "D" will have any claim on the property if i buy the same? - Also "X" has 2 major kids.... And during registration is it mandatory to get them also sign? - Lastly Since "D" has not signed during the registration in 2013 is there a way to get this legally sorted out now when i get this registered... If yes what exact things need to be done... Note: Parties, A, B, C & D are Hindus Parties X and myself are Muslims Your insights into this will be highly appreciated.