Pension Related

I need a legal opinion in the below given situation: Husband got ex-parte divorce decree from first wife in the year 1997. Husband got married for second time. Husband retired from Govt. services in the year 2008 and did not get his pension due to improper service record till date. Meanwhile, second wife expired. In pension papers, husband kept second wife and first wife's children as nominees. In 2007, husband was issued a notice by first wife through a lawyer stating that she and her children (when they were minors) were not given maintenance ordered by the court; and for this notice husband did not give any reply and department is asking the reply for this notice at husband's end and this was informed to that concerned department by first wife and her children. Now, the question is whether the first wife and first wife's children, will get their maintenance as per the court's order, which was ignored by the husband from the pension amount, which has been pending from 2008 till date. Thanks in advance.