My wife never speek truth, addicted and abused

I married on nov, 2009, and i have 2 children (girl birth on 24/02/2011 & boy birth on 25/04/2014), i come to know that she abused me (not in front of me) i have a recording, and also had a bad addiction of alcohol & Gutkha, when i told her that saw you and other guy called (brother not a blood relation) having alcohol in your mother's house in absence of her mother. she simply lie and quarrel to me shouting to my mom and sister, now she sad that i will file a 498a and i will recover money since we married til date i will drag you in the court she never give up addiction and she wanted to shut our mouth, her mother and other relative and friends around her are supporting well, also she say i have decided what to do, but, she never say what she is is decided. i have a voice recording (what about children, she say i'll take children these are my jackpot i will demand money. now we all are in big trouble, we never ever been to court or police station. she want money for alcohol and gutkha (Goa, Vimal etc), she wanted to eat my hard earn money. Also want to know that property belong to my mom, will she get anything from my parent's property, cash, jewellery, or other belonging