What should i do ?

Sir, i am married from last 8 and a half years and i am having a daughter of 7 years. My wife is used to torture me, when ever she feel a little unrest in life, she gives me a threat of police, threats me of dowry case and voilence case. Today i am a patient of a cronical disease that is caused by tention (my doctor told me, a kind of mental disorder, when i was married i was alright). I live in a joiny family. My wife's mother threats my family of jail. When i was married i was with my father in the family business. Now i have started a very small factory 4 years before. And now my parents Decided to make me a new home. My father after a having a loan of 25lkh has hardly managed to bring me and my wife a home of 50lkh. But now my wife is stuck to the point that bring me a bigger home of 70lkh. My father has only 50lkh after having a loan of 25 lakh. I also have a machninery loan of 15 lkh. My wife is saying if my father will not give a home of 70lkh then she will file a case of voilence and dowory. We dont have money. If i commit suicide, then my wife will ask for a share in my fathers share, moreover she will destroy my whole family by police and dowry, voilence cases. Do this problem has a solution ?