Non payment of personal n credit card loan

Hello Sir, My brother had availed a personal loan and loan on credit cards for the sake of my mother's hospitalization as she had undergone heart and kidney surgeries... He was making the emis regularly from past 2 years... But from past 3 months he couldn't make the payment due to scarcity of funds... As my brother is the only bread winner in our home he has to take care of my mother's regular health check ups and medicines and also other monthly commitments... Due to all these we are not in a position to bear the payment... We have requested so much by telling all our present position to bank and to give some more time for the payment... But they are not considering at all... There representatives are coming near home and speaking very loudly inspite of telling my mom is a heart patient... Please guide me what is the legal help I can get and how much of time we can ask from the court... And also please tell me is it there is a provision to order the banks to stop asking further interests and stop there representatives to come near our home... Please reply me as soon as possible... I really need ur help